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Ammonite Necklace
Anchor Necklace
Dolphin Charm
Dolphin Pendant
Dolphin Ring
Fish Bone Necklace
Fish Bone Pendant
Fish Charm
Fish Earrings
Flat Seahorse Charm
Flat Seahorse Pendant
Octopus Pendant
Seahorse Pendant
Starfish Pendant
Tropical Fish Necklace
Turtle Charm
Whale Tail Pendant
This collection is a treasure chest stuffed with gorgeous sea-themed, marine and nautical silver jewellery. This collection contains a wide range of sea-life and sailing accessories, with something for everyone: cute silver sea turtle charms for charm bracelets and adorable silver seahorse necklaces, as well as a wide range of silverjewellery for men, such as simple but striking silver fish hook necklaces. Whether you’re a fisherman on the high seas, an avid sailor or swimmer or sea-goer, or simply someone who loves everything about the aquatic underwater world—this silver sea jewellery is for you.